1. Entry #05 coming soon…We got another mission in our hands… 

    Entry #05 coming soon…
    We got another mission in our hands… 

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  2. Entry #04

    It’s time for yet another journal. I might be getting used to this.

    A few days have passed since our last success. Morale raised up a little although I must admit that I’m concerned about the panic levels around the world. We don’t expect to launch more than one satellite until the end of the month and we have two countries in complete panic. It seems that we will have our first tough choice soon.

    On March 13th, 2015 - curiously a Friday - the day started with good news: Dr. Vahlen and her team finished understanding the solid, resistent alloys the aliens use for their craftsmanship. However, a few hours later, our worst fears have come to pass: Satellite tracking detected the presence of an unidentified flying object over Africa - an UFO.

    It was time to see how well our pilots would finally handle this kind of situation. Cpt. Kevingston of RAVEN-1 was sent to intercept the bogey.

    We managed to establish an uplink to survey the battle and help the pilot but, surprisingly enough, it wasn’t needed. The dog-fight was really short and with just two missiles RAVEN-1 was able to take down the enemy.

    "Bogey down."

    The whole room thundered with applause. It was astonishing, I didn’t think we could take one of them so easily. Nevertheless I do fear that it was just a small scout… They must have bigger things under their sleeves.

    We scanned the crash site and detected movement, so we decided to send a strike team there to eliminate any surviving hostiles and recover all the technology possible.

    The team was composed of Sq. Nara Haddad, who finally left the infirmary, Sq. Lewis B. Williams, Sq. Arn Magnusson and ‘the Kid’, rookie Willem Visser.

    The Skyranger managed to land as close as possible to the crash site, right in the middle of the Nigerian jungle. The team moved swiftly and organised, always looking for cover and staying on watch. Not long before reaching the crash site, they encountered a pair of Sectoids scouting the area. Arn, the sniper (Who is now being called "The Chosen One" by his friends that found out about the origin of his name) was able to aim…


    …and took one of them out. Nara and the others had reaction shots against the other one, but they missed and it escaped.

    The team continued pushing until they finally reached the UFO. I must admit it was quite the sight. I wonder how beautiful it must be to see such design, such technology for one as Dr. Vahlen or Dr. Shen. They were completely stunned by that thing.

    Before going closer they stopped to reload and reform their ranks. However the escaping Sectoid appeared with two more friends and once caught in a crossfire, the team had to act.

    With a smart move, Nara Haddad jumped through the foliage and managed to flank and take down the coward one with a beautiful shot from higher ground. Death from above, Sectoid style.

    Trying to accompany her, however, Willem Visser - the Kid - moved to a bad position and got too close to the UFO. The moment our live-feed cams managed to peek inside, something completely unexpected happened: Some form of energy began to materialize inside the UFO, forming a being that, according to Dr. Vahlen, is made almost completely of pure energy.

    Scientific mumbo-jumbo apart, what really drew the team’s attention was that it’s gun was a little bigger than those of the Sectoids so it just became a priority-one target. You know, just for safety.

    A shootout started and there were too many hostiles to risk being as exposed as they were. Lewis made a decision and used his rocket launcher for the first time. Sweet idea, I must say. Dr. Shen did a good job creating those as it packed both Sectoids in a box straight to the Skyranger.

    The energy being, however, was still a threat and something had to be done. Haddad then took the lead and released a smoke grenade on the ground to protect the team if needed. Then she ordered Willem, who was the one closer to the alien, to toss a grenade and destroy it’s cover. Turns out that the grenade was able to take it down completely and then the mission was done.

    Another successful operation for X-COM.

    Willem Visser apparently admired Arn Magnusson’s performance as a sniper. (If you ask me, he acted really brave to face the aliens back on the safety of the barracks but, when out there facing freaking plasma rays flying everywhere, he probably decided that he might want to stay some steps behind the rest of the team…) So he decided to be trained and become a sniper as well. I suppose the more, the merrier, right?

    We gave him the snipers’ black uniform and a rifle, now he’s officially part of the team.

    I should go, Dr. Vahlen is calling and saying that they finally finished studying their weapons’ fragments and they need my attention.

    Until the next entry then. Vigilo confido.

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